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In the face of growing plastic pollution, meet Scotlands eco-companies

In Scotland alone, 64,000 tonnes of plastic food packaging and bottles are binned every year, and globally, over eight million tonnes of plastic entered our oceans last year. But in the face of this growing crisis, there are inspiring individuals and companies doing all they can to change our bad habits and make a lasting change to how we use, or don’t use plastic. Here, the Sunday Post showcases some of Scotland’s champions of the anti-plastic movement, each providing alternatives and inspiration to those wanting to cut down on the man-made substance that’s destroying our planet. It’s not just plastic that’s harming our oceans and landfill. Everyday items like paint are just as toxic and dangerous. After experiencing some difficulty sourcing environmentally responsible non-toxic paints in Glasgow and being appalled by the volume of unused paint that goes to landfill (each tonne of mainstream paint results in approximately 10 – 30 tonnes of toxic waste and approximately 55 million litres of waste paint goes to landfill in the UK each year), The Green Place was set up with the aim of making ecological and reprocessed paints more readily available. As well as buying environmentally free paint, there’s lots more you can pick up at the shop – Keepcups and Mooncups (an alternative to sanitary towels and tampons), everyday biodegradable items such as caddy liners, toothbrushes and dog waste bags as well as recycled cloths, toilet tissue and kitchen rolls in compostable packaging. They also stock environmentally friendly shampoos, soaps and cleaning products. The New Leaf Co-Op describes itself as “Edinburgh’s local, unpackaged, scoop your own, nut-grinding, organic, worker-run box of delights.” Avoiding the use of plastic packaging, it has a superb range of loose foods, including pasta and baking products like chocolate chips, and refills of oils, vinegars and detergent refills, including liquid soap. You can even bring a jar and grind your own nut spread. The Emporium of Worldly Goods , 68 High Street This all rounder of a shop offers a selection of zero waste toiletries, including shampoo and conditioner refills, sanitary products, eco-toothbrushes, and packaging-free soaps.

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